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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is a software package used to manage the everyday activities of a business in an integrated fashion. ERP enables all the business processes to be connected so they can be managed well, thereby allowing effective business management. For example, an organization has a number of different departments. ERP software helps to connect all these systems, even if they are running on different software and provides key insights to business owners so the business can be run efficiently. ERP is not just a standalone software solution but consists of numerous modules that work together and allow for information to be passed onto a central database from which decisions can be made. A robust ERP solution allows for integrations with a plethora of tools and other software, for this very reason.


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Whether you’re a family-owned company or foundation, a bank, manufacturer, nonprofit organization, school, government entity, professional service firm, or high-net-worth individual, you can expect us to have the skills and credentials to anticipate changes with industry insight and expertise, to roll up our sleeves and provide hands-on support, to assess your situation thoroughly, and come back to you with innovative solutions.


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software is a computer program that helps businesses and individuals manage their financial transactions, such as record keeping, invoicing, and tax preparation. It automates many accounting and bookkeeping tasks, streamlines financial management, and provides real-time insight into the financial health of an organization. Accounting software can be used by small, medium, and large businesses and can range from simple to complex systems. It can be installed on a computer or accessed through a web-based platform.

1. General Ledger: This feature helps you manage your company's financial transactions by recording, summarizing, and reporting them.

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